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We have a shed full of solutions for you!  Through mystery shopping, surveys, reporting, and more we help you implement a simple one tool program, or devise an entire strategic plan to measure your customer’s experience.


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Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Mystery Shopping


Are your customers receiving royal treatment? What is your insurance policy? Over the phone, in-person, or on-line…a negative experience could undermine your brand, and impact bottom line. Poor service can spread like a good meme! Mystery shopping is your SUPER POWER to uphold brand promise, reinforce training expectations and to embolden your team. Together let’s guarantee your customers are walking the red carpet!

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Compliance Audits & Inspections


How are you tracking policy and procedures, merchandise availability, product pricing or display presentations? Integrity matters. Our highly trained auditors can help uncover potential safety issues, pricing mistakes, incorrectly built displays, etc. We SPECIALIZE in custom audit programs -- we become your brand, to protect your brand!

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Customer (CSAT) & Employee Surveys (ESAT)


How do you show the customer you value their opinion? Are you giving employees the opportunity to use their voice, positive or negative? Feedback is your golden ticket. Stand down and listen up. Send a clear message their opinion is of value to your organization…and then implement the gold!

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Social Media Monitoring


In an age where a one-star difference on Yelp can mean a difference of 9% in a restaurant’s revenue, a company’s social media reputation and online reviews are as critical as ever. It can be a full-time job keeping tabs on the reviews pouring into Yelp, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor and dozens of other sites. We can offer you a one-stop solution to all of those problems, completely integrated into our normal world-class reporting environment.

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Audio Recorded Intelligence


Experience push back when reviewing mystery shopping results with your staff? Does it become a “he-said”, “she-said” discussion? Rather than costly long-awaited video tape results, we can offer a cost-effective audio recorded solution to any mystery shop. An effective, “dispute proof” way to improve your staff performance. (**state to state recording laws apply)

Cirrus Marketing Intelligence :: Competitor Mystery Shops


From click to brick -- knowing what your competition is up to, matters. Circumvent a costly in-depth study -- for a fraction of the cost send a Cirrus mystery shopper obtain the “411” on your competitor. While we are unlikely to get the entire blueprint, we’ll get the important goods!

Cirrus is dedicated, professional, and efficient. Not only do you get one on one consulting, but they go above and beyond expectations and provide excellent mystery shopping services every time.
— M. Khuu - The Bascom Group
Cirrus has consistently shown a strong commitment to customer service and mystery shop accuracy. They are the most responsive and attentive vendor with which I’ve had the pleasure to do business.
— C. Goochey - Lewis Apartment Communities
2 years ago I contacted Cirrus to help create a mystery shopping program for our Customer Service Team. The service and the staff are excellent. I would highly recommend their services!
— F. McEwen - United States Medical Supply, Inc.